FAPIPS Water Cleaning Organization from Al-Taqwa College Indonesia would like to introduce our plan


Program: Water Cleaning

Name of organization: FAPIPS water cleaning

Slogan: Air bersih, kita senang.

Aim: We want to help the people who live nearby the Citarum river get clean water.

Location: Citarum River, Bekasi, Indonesia
How to reach there: Voluntary transportation with the help of google map.

Reason: The people of Citarum are lacking of clean water.

Problem: Citarum river is covered in rubbish so that no clean water can be obtain.

Solution: Clean the river from the rubbish.

  • 1.       Persuade the society to cooperate by stop littering.
  • 2.       Pick up all the rubbish in the river in order to clean it.
  • 3.       Cooperate with a company in Citeureup to recycle the rubbish.
  • 4.       Get a sponsor.
  • 5.       Cooperate with the government to support our program.
((FAPIPS stands for Fatimah, Angela, Putri, Indah, Prstina, Shoffa. These are the main members.)

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