Hi world! Huft, I finally can make this post. Because when I want to make this post, I was sick, went somewhere, etc so I don’t have much time to tell you something important. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Putaku. I know that my name sounds pretty strange. Because you have to know something that I’m an Indigenous people. Remember, Indigenous! Don’t call me an aborigine. Because it’s so mean. You know why? Because it means that I’m not ‘a native’, not a real Australian people. I was born on about 1830’s. I forget the actual date of my birth because you know that I’ve lived here since about 180 years ago! Can you imagine that? I came from a clan called Wimaku, That’s why there’s “aku” in the end of my name. And my language group is Surinani. If you don’t know what clan is, it’s like tribe. By the way, I would like to share something that may be important for you. I don’t know…. But for me, t’s really important because I really want to share the truth about my life story. And I’ll often mention my best friend’s name, Truganini because she was the part of my life. And there’re no hidings that usually media does because of political thingy….
     Lallah, that’s how I called her. She was 23 years old when the first time I met her. She was a vibrant and a pretty woman actually, I can see it from her eyes. But when I met her as a victim, she was like a passive victim because I think, she was afraid of something, I don’t know and she had never told me. So they (the colonist) gathered the survivors (included me and Truganini) from tasmania to moved to another land which called Flinders Island. At that island, the colonist guarded to and forced to wear European clothesand to attend sermons on christianity. I really hate this! It’s like we forced them to wear what we wore at that time. Do they want? of course not? And religion? Who wants to be forced to be in one religion when we already have our own belief? It’s not really fair! But yeah, I was a victim at that time. So I just do whatever they want to so they wouldn’t kill me. And at that time, so many friends and families were dead because of disease like influenza, and also despair.
    Oh, I forget to tell you something about Truganini’s family. She was a daughter of Mangana, Chief of the Bruny Island people (when she lived before being moved to Flinders island by the colonist. And when she was about 17, her mother was killed by the whalers. And she was born when there was a war thing between the Indigenous and the colonists. And her fiancé was killed when he was saved Truganini from abduction. and in 1828, her two sisters, Lowhenunhue and Maggerleede, had been abducted and taken to Kangaroo Island and sold to be slaved ( I got this from the internet about last week and I’m really sad if I remember those things about Truganini’s family). Let’ continue the story. What i’ve read from my descendants’ book, it says that truganini was the last survivor that still alive at that time. But IT’S WRONG! Hey how come my name wasn’t mentioned at the book? I’ve lived here in this world until now! I even still can make a post about this. Because, oh it’s really sad to remember. So before she died because of murdered by someone, she told me that I’ve to leave to another place (Now, I know it’s in Bogor, Indonesia) and continue my life and I’ve to make this post so you can know what happen at that time without any hiding by something or someone like media thingy.  And I know that Truganini’s name was made for an area in Melbourne, it’s Truganina. And you should know that I’m still Australian people even though I live in Indonesia now. I’m still an Australian citizen. Maybe that’s it, It’s already night here, thank you for reading my story, it’s like diary I know. Okay, see you next time!  (;

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Anonim September 10, 2013 - 8:04 am

Awesome, Putri, Keep writing. ^_^


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