Firstly, we would like to say that this is just our English project. So, don’t take it as a serious thing. And now, we would like to introduce ourselves. Our names are Shoffa Adilah and Putri Wakhdani or you can call us Putri and Shoffa. We are from grade 9 and we are 14 years old (ok, that’s not an important thing).

           Here, we would like to tell to all of you about our world prediction on next year.  And these are the predictions:
1.       There will be a flood in Jakarta, Indonesia. Because every year, the river in Jakarta always overflow and the trees are rare.

2.       The Indonesian governor will probably finish their MRT (train) project. Because we saw from the news that said “The governor now focusing on the MRT project”.
3.       There are might be an extinct tree in this world. Because nowadays, the people don’t know and don’t care with that trees thingy.
4.       There are might not be a hurricane in Papua New Guinea. Because hurricane usually happen in Europe or America.

5.       Indonesia isn’t likely to be clean. Because the people usually throw the rubbish in everywhere and they don’t care with the impact. 
So hopefully, you can beware and, bye!
Proudly presented by: Shoffa and Putri (:

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