Today, I would like to share something related with the title which is mangrove and jakarta! Including my comment. But firstly, I’ll explain about mangrove.

          So, what I just got from here, mangrove is a plant that usually grow in the beach or places near the water area. And if you search deeper about it, you’ll find one benefit that really affect (in a good way) to our land. Which is to avoid the land near the water area. And it’s really amazing. Because of that plant, we can decrease the percentage of losing the land. 
          Okay, back to our case. Maybe, some of you already get the relationship. But, let me explain to you. 
          In fact, Jakarta is one of the place that located really low. What I mean by really low is the land. I got the information from this website that tell me about the height of Jakarta and can you believe that the average is +7 meter? And you know that there are so many water areas around Jakarta, right?
Have you understand the relationship? If you don’t,  then I’ll continue my explanation. When the beach or waters area around Jakarta are plant with mangroves, I believe that it will hold the land around it and avoid Jakarta from the abration. 
          And I also want to tell you that the cause of flooding in Jakarta IS NOT because the land is low. But it also because most of the people there are doing such an improper things like throwing the rubbish not in the place, the factories that don’t have any place to filter the waste, less of trees, etc. So, don’t blame the country if floods are everywhere nowadays.
          Take a look at the picture! It shows how mangrove look like in Muara Angke, Jakarta. We have to plant more mangrove in jakarta to avoid the land from the abration. And also, try to keep your environment clean. With throwing the rubbish in a proper place, filter the waste before it goes to the river and beach, etc.

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