Hey guys, whats up? This is only an English Project so do not take this post as a serious one, but you still can learn something from this post, hopefully. So, enjoy!

Good afternoon, we are TriTsaLa as a career consultant would like to tell you tips how to survive on a job interview. Mostly people will get nervous, panicked and even got speechless because they are afraid if they will not be accepted for the job they are seeking for. So, we are here to help you to avoid those things that commonly happened during an interview.

Here are the tips:

1. You should be on time and well prepared for an interview.

2. You better be nice to the interviewer.

3. You’d better not make a big event during the interview.

4. You’d better not sit on the table during the interview.

5. You should not shoot a gun or threaten the interviewer.

6. You should not be afraid of the interviewer.

Those tips above are might help you during your interview. Good luck and a massive thank you for reading this, such a big honor for us. Hope you have a nice day! 🙂

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