I.  Fill in the blanks.

  1. HTTP is used as the communication protocol to transport hypertext documents over the Internet.
  2. The URL specifies the address of a file one the Internet.
  3. IP address is a set of numbers that express the exact physical connection between physical connection between a computer and the network on the Internet.
  4. Search engine are special software that enable one to systematically search the web.
II. State whether true or false
  1. IP addresses are unique. (True)
  2. TCP/IP is used to identify a particular Internet resource. (False)
  3. A home page is a collection of web pages. (False)
  4. Search engines are the software used to search the web. (True)
  5. Web servers are the computers used to store web browsers.(False) 

III. Define the following terms

     1. a. WWW
It’s for  connect from one page to another 
  b. HTTP
It’s for communication protocol to transport hypertext documents over the internet
   c. URL
It’s a way to locate a resource on the internet
   d. DNS 
It’s an easier way to remember the page that we want to open. so, we don’t remember too much number for open a page
    e. Web Server
It’s a web document that is suitable for the world wide web and the web browser
   f. Web Pages
It’s an interactive document on the WWW

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