Hey guys! How are you??? come back to another post here, I want you to see this application letter that I made before I post it here. Firstly, sorry for the grammatical mistakes because you know, This is not my language. And If there’s one of you that interesting with my application letter, just contact me, it can be serious and it also can be a lesson for you (but please make the grammatical thing better)….

Dear Sir/Madam
I write this email to kindly inform you that I am really interested to apply for a freelance photographer or a freelance journalist at your media.
Currently, I am a student in Al-taqwa College International Islamic School of Indonesia. I’m 14 years old and I’m a year nine student. My hobbies are taking lots of picture, reading, writing, and sport. My obsession is going to Germany. And my dreams are to be a journalist and also an engineer. So I’m preparing to make a machine for help the journalist to do their job and make it simpler. I’m an instagram user and a blogger also, so I take a picture of everything that I like and I’ll post in there. I ever join some international photography competition like animal international photography (2013), etc.
I interested with this job because that’s my hobby and my dream. And also I interested with this job because I can learn how to be a REAL photography and I can still learn in the school. And for me, photography is one of 3 best jobs that I ever dream about. And I think, photography is my life because I can share anything and I can tell something important for the people.
Finally, I hope that this job capacity would make you consider my application despite my limitations work after school time or on the weekend because I still have to finish my study.
Thank you in advance for your attention as I look forward to your response.
Warmest regards
Putri Kusuma Wakhdani

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