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by Putri Wakhdani
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 To the Going Out Group on 2021

— also A note for my 2019 on 2021,


        After I came back from Germany (2019), I promised that I am gonna write something in English cuz I talked about my blog quite many times but I write (almost) everything in Bahasa Indonesia. This post is also dedicated to my friends who helped me a lot and accompany me during one of my best moments. I’ve planned this out right after I arrived at my place actually, but I had an accident and I decided to postponed this up to now. Before I finish this story, I hope you guys can compromise my bad English and grammar hehe. So, here we go!


Yes, I know its blurry but I just love to see how happy I am!

            There are a lot of things that can remind me of you all guys. It is as simple as I saw a snack in the market written “flavour: brazilian orange” I can suddenly remember my first time talking with my brazilian friends (don’t call me racist cuz I mentioned their nationality, my dearest readers, I just love to see my friends from different places in the world!) at my second day of the class. let’s say another example, when I saw something related to AI or robotics, it always reminding me of my friend from Mexico whom I always talking about my research in my main campus, as well as his research in his own campus. There are a lot more things that I can’t mention one by one cuz I am very grateful.



            Yes, if you guys wanna know how am I feeling after I met them, I will directly say, with no hesitation, that I’m feeling so grateful to have ’em as best friend of mine who I can share a lot of things to talk to, friends who are really respect me as the whole I am, who always tolerate and patience with what I was about to say, because sometimes it’s so hard to explain things to the people whom you’ve just met. And of course, the most grateful thing for having them as my best friends is the fact that they are always supporting me no matter what!! 


Tbh, it feels way so hard to explain and talk about them in just a post and writing, I don’t know that well how to share my happiest feeling in words. 


            Meeting them is one in a million chance, and I must say, that was one of the greatest things ever. And I can’t exchange those prestigious moments with anything I have. Maybe this time, I must say, that God is sending His special gift, one of the best gifts ever, by introducing me to them, few kindest people on earth. 


            To my besties, wherever you are, who read this post, all I could say now is thank you. Thank you for asking me out to go and see the beautiful of Germany, thank you for bringing me a lifetime joy and happiness, thank you for the amazing discussions that has opened my eyes, thank you very much. You know, I feel like the more I write, the more I lack of words. I’ve planned before I write this out, like what I actually wanna say, I made it into points, and I made it structured. But right after I type the first word in the page, I didn’t even see those points that I’ve made earlier. Now I just want to let these words flow, and unplanned, just to ensure that I want this writing to be as sincere as possible. And I hope you guys who read this post, can feel the sincerity that I’m trying to share since the very first word that I typed. 



            Here are some of the things that I wanna say to each of you guys, this may not be specific and there are still a lot of thoughts that I can’t express them here, but I hope this can be a reminder if someday I’m getting older and (maybe) unable to remember things.


            To Paola, thank you for always inspiring me with your definition of ‘independent woman’ and your healthy life ! (Tbh I envy you so much cuz you habit of eating is really healthy haha! Hope I got to be like you too, soon!) To Joyce, thank you for the warm hug that you gave me right after my presentation has finished (oh my, really, I also still feel confused why did I cried at that time???!) Thank you for a lot warmer hug that you always gave me like almost every time we meet, that’s really comforting! 


look at that, we just look like models doing a candid photo, right? πŸ˜‚ 


            To Lina, thank you for being the funniest girl with all the jokes and the talks! Thank you for making me more confident also wearing my heejab (and I will always remember the first time we are able to talk to each other, and the times that we always wonder before ‘when am I able to talk with that heejab girl who always laugh and seems so fun’ hahahah). To Bruno, that always reminds me of my little brother, there’s nothing that I can say, I really had so much fun talking with you!

(not so) on top of the world!! 🌟


            To Sebastian, thank you for the research sharing discussion! I really want to see you up there, presenting about your research to anyone in the world! hope to see you soon and let’s talk more about it! (bonus photo, he might not know that I took this photo hehehe.πŸ˜‚). To Daniel, haha I always remember how flexible your body is, and I’ll proof it you can see in this picture. πŸ˜‚ I really love to see you and Sebastian talking to each other using your language, it sounds so fun! To Sara, one of the bravest girls ever! The fun character in you always brings positive vibes, I love it! 

Don’t forget to take a rest, buddy! I know you’ve work so hard


            To Pedro, thank you for always saying that I can do and achieve everything that I want. Thank you for always convincing me that I am good enough, and thank you for the good conversation that we had. To Mike, you are such a good person. It’s my pleasure to hear your stories about politics from your point of view. Can’t wait to have more discussion with you! And I really miss the time we spent together with Pedro strolling around Berlin, to the museums, it was such a good evening indeed! And I will always remember the italian gesture when you spoke. Well, I can’t explain it well so I will insert the picture below hahahha. 

LOL but this is so truuu!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (source: google)
OMG I didn’t know that my face will block all of you guysπŸ˜‚βœŒπŸ»

yay we’ve graduateed!!! πŸŽ‰

            To Yash, thank you for the chit chat when we walked to the park before the excursion, I really remember every single statement that makes me get up again. Thank you for increasing my self-esteem. Tbh, at some point, I feel like I was kind of… hmm let’s say… not being confident enough (at first) because I came from a developing country. I feel like the knowledge that I got, can never be enough, compared to the other people. I met a lot of people whom smarter and have a lot more experience than I am. But Yash, you can proof that by me, standing here, I deserve everything in this world. You can convince me that I am competent, just like any other people here. Thank you for bringing that spirit again. 


            Last but not least, Violet, a South Korean girl whom I can share all my knowledge about K-Dramas! hahaha. Thank you for always being nice and thank you for accompanied me to the Korean restaurant! Eating Korean food with the native Korean is like one of my biggest dream ever! plus, I’m with my best friend! 



Well… I feel like it’s still not enough to show you how happy I am meeting you guys once in a lifetime! but, let’s end the writing here. 



There always be a ‘goodbye’ on every ‘hello’, but I just hope it’s a ‘see you later’. Hope to see you my best friend wherever you are! 

tΓ‘ muito frio!


Numero uno!

Buru buruuuuu πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚



Sending warmest hug in the world from Indonesia

-Jelly Girl a.k.a Putri 


p.s: lemme post 2 bonus videos for us to remind all of the good times together ehe 😍

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